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Synthetic Biology is a relatively young research discipline. It is located at the intersection of Natural Science and Engineering Science. Based on basic knowledge of biological parts, Synthetic Biology tries to redesign or tailor new biological parts for (bio)-technological or biomedical applications. Hereby, novel bio-hybrid materials can be designed which are characterized by a better functionality as compared to their natural counterparts. Inspiration comes from the understanding of biological systems but application reaches into many fields.

The Interdisciplinary Centre  Applied Protein Centre Erlangen  (APCE)  focuses on modelling, design, production, characterization and optimization of protein-based bio-hybrid materials and complex bio-systems for biochemical, technical and biomedical research and applications.

Doing so, the Centre serves as contact point for researchers interested in Synthetic Biology at FAU. The Centre is represented by internationally renowned scientists from the Faculties of Sciences, Medicine and Engineering. All research groups are either working in bioscience, material science, mathematics, informatics, engineering, physics, medicine, chemistry or pharmacy and bundle their efforts to gain new insights into various aspects of protein research. The combination of different perspectives, research methods and technical tools promises to achieve invaluable new results. At present, research of the Centre focusses on five areas:

  1. Bio-hybrid materials
  2. Metabolic processes in vivo and in vitro
  3. Biochemical nano-reactors
  4. Membrane processes
  5. Building blocks for medical applications

These research areas are supported by technology platforms providing access to proteomics, structural biology and bioinformatics.