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Oliver Friedrich

Prof. Dr. med.habil. Dr. rer.nat. Dipl.Phys. Oliver Friedrich
Institute of Medical Biotechnology
Phone: +49 9131 85-23174 , -69653


Curriculum vitae

Education and training

1991 – 2000     Studies of Medicine (1991-1997) and Physics (1996-2000) at the Universität Heidelberg

1996 – 2002 (1996-2000) and Dr.rer.nat. (2000-2002) at the Institut für Physiologie & Pathophysiologie and Pharmazeutische Technologie & Biopharmazie Universität Heidelberg
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Rainer Fink ( , Prof. Dr. Horst Ludwig (Dr.rer.nat.)

Professional positions

2003 – 2008     Wiss. Hochschulassistent (C1) Institut für Physiologie & Pathophysiologie Universität Heidelberg, Germany

2006    Habilitation in Physiology and Biophysics at the Universität Heidelberg, Germany

2008 – 2009     Australian Research Council (ARC) Senior Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer at the School of Biomedical Sciences (SBMS), University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

2009 – 2010     Apl Professor Institut für Physiologie & Pathophysioliogie Universität Heidelberg, Germany

2010 –     Chair and Head of Institute of Medical Biotechnology (MBT) at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Awards & honours

2006      Research Scholarship of the German Sepsis Foundation



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